More guests coming to Tivoli as themepark extends seasons

Concerts and quality performances attracted more people to visit the gardens, which has extended its Halloween and Christmas seasons

Some 2.86 million people visited Tivoli Gardens this summer, an increase of almost 60,000 on last year, according to the themepark. 

The summer season ran from April 8 to September 22 – a total of 167 days, one day more than in 2013.

Highly qualified entertainment
"We had many entertainment guests this year. But we can also see that our strategy to fill the concert halls with quality performances works," Lars Liebst, the managing director of Tivoli, noted in a press release. 

"We hope the trend continues during Halloween at Tivoli, which will for the first time last for three weeks."

Catering to Swedish market
Liebst explained that the extension will mean the themepark is open during the Swedish autumn holidays as well as the Danish one.

Halloween at Tivoli opens on October 10 and closes on November 2. It will then reopen for Christmas on November 15 and stay open until January 4.

In total, the themepark will have been open for 237 days this year.