Fisherman drowns in Øresund

The deceased fell from a boat while fishing

A 40-year-old man fell from a boat yesterday morning while fishing near Peberholm Island in the Øresund.

The Copenhagen Fire Brigade control center confirmed that they received a call from a boat on Tuesday morning, alerting them that there was a man in the water. 

“We received a 112 call from a boat in open water 500 metres southwest of Peberholm Island, we turned the call over to the police and called the airport to ask them to send their rescue boat  immediately,” said a spokesperson at the control centre. 

Too late
Open water rescues are usually handled by the police and the Naval Operational Command, but the control centre made the call that urgent action was needed and asked the fire brigade at the airport to send its rescue boat immediately. 

The man was transported by boat to the airport, where a Navy rescue helicopter was waiting. He was taken to Rigshospitalet, where he was pronounced dead.

Peberholm is a manmade island which was created during the construction of the Øresund bridge. It is not yet known why or how the victim fell.

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