At cinemas: Your weekend just got bloody brilliant!

Recently, a friend returned from Australia and told an incredible story about how his vehicle had been attacked by kangaroos. The encounter left him shaken and the vehicle’s bodywork torn to shreds. We quickly came up with an astoundingly brilliant film interpretation of his adventures which we entitled ‘Zomberoos’ (alcohol helped enormously here). 

It appears that Jordan Rubin either overheard that conversation or had a similar idea with Zombeavers – a trashy gore-fest that sees three bikini-clad college girls (what else?) holidaying in a lakeside summerhouse beset by undead, radioactive beavers.

Zombeavers is one of the many new and classic films being screened by horror festival Blodig Weekend which kicks off tonight (25th) and on Friday screens the beloved Toxic Avenger at Cinemateket at 19:15, with a presentation by co-director Lloyd Kaufman. The festival will continue over the weekend at Grand, Cinemaxx and Cinemateket – check for details.

Cinemateket’s current program also features films by celebrated French new-wave director Robert Bresson and German master Wim Wenders – with a special screening of his Paris,Texas on Saturday (15:30) introduced by the director himself.

For younger viewers, there’s still time to catch Buster, the children’s festival that is playing across the city and wraps up on Sunday – see program for more details at

On general release this week, there’s RJ Cutler’s poorly received slice of whimsy If I Stay, and Antoine Fuqua’s remake of a TV classic, The Equalizer – with Denzel Washington taking over from Edward Woodward as the eponymous righter of wrongs. An amnesiac Nicole Kidman learns to question everything and trust no-one in the thriller Before I Go To Sleep

And read our review of Jersey Boys – Clint Eastwood’s adaptation of the broadway musical chronicling the lives of Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons.

Finally, winter chills are setting in, so wear an extra layer on your way to the cinema – unless, like my friend, you’re migrating Down Under for the joys of spring, in which case I’d advise body armour – lest you fancy falling foul of Zomberoos and having yourselves a truly ‘Blodig Weekend’…