Hundreds of blank passports stolen from citizen services

City Council has since enhanced its security protocol

According to the City Council, 349 blank provisional passports were stolen from the Borgerservice citizen services at two different locations in Copenhagen in July and August.

The passports were stolen during three separate break-ins in at Borgerservice locations in Valby and Bispebjerg.

In the first break-in in Valby in July 21, 300 passports and 300 laminating film sheets were stolen from a locked safe while 49 blank provisional passports disappeared from Bispebjerg on August 4.

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Better storage procedures
As of September 1, the City Council has stepped up its security – in terms of storage, receiving and registration – at all of its units that issues passports.

Blank provisional passports and laminations will in future be stored in locked areas, while large numbers of passports will be kept separately at different locations.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the number of Danish passports that have been stolen or lost has doubled in ten years. Last year, 34,949 Danes reported to the police that their passports were either stolen or had gone missing, according to police statistics.