Number of Danish gambling addicts increasing

September 25th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Tax minister calls for more research into problem

The number of problem gamblers in Denmark has increased tenfold since 2006, according to a study to be published today by a Nordic centre for problem gambling, the Center for Ludomani (CFL). 

The study – conducted by Megafon in conjunction with Bjerg Kommunikation and developed with Mountain Communications – claims that seven percent of the population is at risk of becoming problem gamblers. 

More study needed
Benny Engelbrecht, the tax minister, said the results are significant.

“I take this very seriously,” Engelbrecht told Metroxpress. “Too many Danes may be at risk of becoming gambling addicts. We cannot turn a blind eye.”

Engelbrecht wants funds put aside for a more in-depth study.

“The government's position is clear,” he said. “We are faced with a growing challenge that needs to be investigated.”

Won’t fix itself
Engelbrecht said the increasing trend will not “reverse itself” and that the government was “obligated” to help.

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CFL said that easy access to games of chance helped fuel the increase of gambling addicts.

“Gambling addiction is a bit like alcoholism was 30 years ago,” Kristina Ilsøe from the CFL told Metroxpress. 

“There are many myths and not many facts. We need to increase awareness and break taboos.”

Ilsøe said that Denmark needs a “healthier gaming culture”.


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