The 100 richest Danes got even richer this year

At least one billion kroner was necessary to get among the 100 richest Danes in 2014

According to Berlingske's annual ranking, the total wealth of the 100 richest residents in Denmark has increased by 18 percent, Metroexpress reports.

In 2013, a fortune of 800 million kroner would have been enough to secure you a position in the exclusive club. But this year you needed at least a billion to belong among the 100 richest Danes. 

Lego leads with clear margin
The Lego family of Kirk Kristiansen, who have a fortune of almost 100 billion kroner, top the list, while the Louis-Hansen family, who own Coloplast, occupy second position with 35.3 billion kroner.

Maersk's fortune of 13.5 billion was enough to win the Mc-Kinney Moller family sixth place. 

Historian predicts major changes
A number of newcomers have made it onto the list this year, which pleases professional historian Kenn Tarbensen, who works as a senior researcher at the Danish State Archives. 

Tarbensen predicts significant changes can be expected over the coming years.

"Some 200 years ago, the wealthiest people in society tended to be landowners, who for a century passed on their wealth to the next in line, even if sometimes that might have been an inept person who ended up losing it all," he told the newspaper. 

"Today, the situation is a bit similar, especially when the rich want to keep their company family-owned. But times are changing and I'll eat my hat if in ten years time the list doesn't look completely different."