Greenland’s premier caught up in financial scandal

Aleqa Hammond could be forced to step down for using public funds for personal flights and hotel rooms

A scandal involving the misuse of public funds could cost the premier of Greenland, Aleqa Hammond, her job.

Hammond, who has been the leader of Greenland’s home-rule government since April of last year, reportedly used just over 100,000 kroner of public money for, among other things, personal airline tickets and hotel stays for family members.

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Hammond has admitted the irregularities, but attributed them to “accounting errors”. It took her more than a year to return the funds, and she has offered no excuse for the delay.

The law is the law
Greenland’s opposition party is demanding that Hammond step down. And now, as if that storm wasn’t hard enough to weather, voices in her own party are also calling for her exit.

Kristian Jeremiassen – Greenland’s chief auditor, who is a fellow member of Hammond’s ruling Siumut party – said the premier should call for an election.

Jeremiassen said his party would insist on the opposition to resign if they broke the law, and Hammond should do the same.

“There is no difference,” he said.

Hammond said that nothing would be solved by calling for an election.