UPDATED: Helsingør motorway to open today at 3 pm

Traffic will still be congested on E47 today

UPDATED: The cleaning up of the E47 Helsingør motorway is progressing quickly enough that the road authorities Vejdirektoratet has announced that the major traffic vein to Copenhagen will open both ways today at three o'clock and not tomorrow morning as advertised earlier today.

"I want to thank the motorists for showing great patience over the past few days," Jens Holmboe, the head of the construction division at Vejdirektoratet, said in a press release.

The E47 has been closed since Saturday night when a bridge collapsed onto the road near Nærum.

Story from this morning:

The Copenhagen-Helsingør motorway, the E47, will open up once again to traffic on Wednesday morning after a collapsed bridge shut down the busy road on Saturday night, according to a press release by the road authorities, Vejdirektoratet.

Vejdirektoratet stated that the E47 is expected to open to traffic going in both directions sometime tomorrow morning ahead of the rush hour traffic taking hold.

The area of road where the bridge collapsed was cleared by the police on Sunday, and since then, Vejdirektoratet has being working around the clock to get the road ready for use.

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Still investigating
The reason for the bridge collapse has yet to be found, but the police have assigned a group of experts to investigate the matter.

The bridge was under construction when it collapsed onto one of the busiest stretches of road in the capital region. No-one was, however, injured.