Coffee is key to Nestlé’s Nordic offensive

September 30th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

From its new headquarters in Ørestad, the food giant’s Nordic arm is planning expansion

The international food conglomerate Nestlé has new Nordic headquarters in the Ørestad area of Copenhagen and is predicting significant growth in the Nordic countries, especially in the coffee market, Børsen reports.

Peter Svensson, the head of Nestlé in the Nordic region, said that the company is going after organic growth of five percent per year. “This is despite the Nordics being a mature market,” he explained.

“The growth will come from our big areas like coffee, breakfasts, confectionery, animal food, children’s food and food for special medical use for the health sector,”

Coffee capsule growth
Since choosing Denmark as the focus of the Nordic operation, positions in other Nordic countries have been moved to the Ørestad offices. “We have recruited 100 employees in the past couple of years, in positions such as sales, finance and customer service. That brings the number of employees up to 350 in Denmark,” Svensson said.

According to Svensson, Nestlé sees the greatest potential for growth in the coffee market. Today, 300,000 Danish homes have a coffee capsule machine and in a year Svensson expects it to reach 500,000. “Coffee is one of our biggest areas. The coffee capsule market in the Nordic region is a market that we’re very strong in, but it is also an unsaturated market,” he said.

“Compare the trend from some of the southern European countries, where coffee capsules make up 25 percent of the market, while in Denmark they only make up 8 percent. I therefore see good possibilities for brands like Nespresso and Nescafé Dolce Gusto.”




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