Music by Danish artists getting more and more play abroad

Danish composers enjoying unprecedented success on the world stage

The use of Danish music outside of the country has increased by 56 percent over the past five years.

Danish performing rights organisation Koda – the group responsible for ensuring that composers get paid for the use of their work – said that last month's payday of 24 million kroner for songwriters to use their music in 2013 was 20 percent higher than the year before.

Koda pays out the money, called ‘mechanicals’ or licensing fees, four times a year. The September payment includes most of the international income.

The Killing making a killing
International successes like Volbeat, Oh Land and home-grown soundtracks for international hits like 'The Killing' added to the take.

"Danish music is doing well right now, and the potential for increased exports is high,” said Koda spokesperson Nicolaj Hyltén-Cavallius. "There is great interest in Danish music around the world.”

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Koda paid nearly 140 million kroner in September to 9,000 of its members for both domestic and international use of their music.