Celebrating the rebirth of music

Every year, the Renaissance Music Festival has a different focus as it offers an eventful program of works from the Renaissance period – a period that lasted from the 14th to the 17th centuries during which European culture was reborn.

In 2014, the theme is ‘From Luther to Schütz’ and it is, as pointed out by organisers, “a prequel" to the festival three years ago dedicated to the German composers Heinrich Schütz and Christian Geist, both of whom worked in Scandinavia.

This year’s program aims to show how the early music scenes of Germany (namely Saxony) and Denmark merged and created a unique tandem. The theology of Martin Luther’s Reformation inspired the creation of a whole new range of sacred music.

The early works of Schütz and others of his time will be played in various churches around Copenhagen, doing justice to a music co-operation that is now over 400 years old.

The work of celebrated composers such as Monteverdi, Merula, Fontana and Valentini will be played on Thursday October 2 at Nykøbing Castle.

There is also a possibility to take a day trip to Hillerød and Helsingør on October 4 that will include a concert played at Frederiksborg Castle.

Moreover, if you want to hear about the evolvement of Danish-German cultural relations, free lectures will be offered by the University of Copenhagen during the festival.

Oct 1-6; various venues in Copenhagen and Zealand; renaissancemusik.dk