Enjoy the last rays of sunshine this weekend

Temperatures could reach 20 on Saturday

We may be in October now, but the sunny weather is refusing to completely abandon Denmark, as this weekend promises to be warm and sunny – most probably for the last time in 2014.

Saturday, in particular, is expected to be a day brimful with sunshine and temperatures that could peak at around 20 degrees.

"Friday will start out cloudy, but they will disappear during the night. And then the sun will emerge on Saturday even though we are in October now,"  Jørn Thomsen, a meteorologist at the national weather forecaster DMI, told Metroxpress newspaper.

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Winds of change
Sunday is expected to be sunny as well, although a bit windier than Saturday.

DMI promises this really is the last chance to enjoy the final throes of summer, because it expects the following weekend to better represent the time of year.

Thomsen said that there will be a limited chance of sunny weather over the coming weeks and that the winds will start picking up next week. Temperatures won't drop dramatically, but the weather will slowly become more unstable.

Hopefully, the sun-filled summer in Denmark will lead to a sunnier winter this year. January in 2014 offered a paltry 17 hours of sunshine – the dreariest January for some 26 years.