Long-shafted Dane enters the record books

Golfer has world’s longest usable club

Karsten Maas, a Danish professional golfer and trick golf performer, has entered the 60th anniversary edition of the Guiness Book of Records for having crafted the world’s longest usable golf club.

The Dane’s driver measures 4.37 metres and he has used it to hit a ball 165.46 metres, which was enough to satisfy Guiness World Records that the club was ‘usable’.

“For many years I had thought about which type of record I could get,” Maas told TV2 Nyheder.

“By chance I noticed that someone in South Africa had the longest usable golf club and I thought I could do better.”

Maas told Guinnessworldrecords.com that, despite being proud of it, he has no plans of taking the behemoth onto the course on a regular basis. “The weight and length of the club make striking the ball really exhausting.  Plus I don’t have a caddy!” he quipped.