Meeting McMorrow, a musician of tomorrow

Vincent is an Irish contemporary folk singer who started out in his late teens but didn’t’ emerge until 2010. His introspective style of folk compacted into his debut album Early in the Morning (2010) led to widespread acclaim and appearances on Jools Holland’s Late Night Show and at the Choice Music Prize Awards in the same year.

His latest album, Post Tropical (2014) is a dreamy soundscape that plots an emotional journey through McMorrow’s personal inner-life. Dipping in and out of heavy spells of contemplation through melancholic instrumentation, his morose brand of soul-folk has put him on a par with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, also known for his deeply moving style of contemporary folk.

Beside his acoustic-oriented sound, his vocal tentativeness serves as his best instrument. Sharing similarities in terms of its delicate texture with the British electronic musician, James Blake, it physically drudges up the emotional content in his finely crafted lyrics and is at once able to imitate desperation, feeling and regret.

Having already experienced international success with a couple of chart-topping releases – namely ‘Cavalier’, ‘We Don’t Eat’ and ‘Higher Love’, all available through Spotify – McMorrow is inches away from a prime spot on Roskilde’s Orange Stage in the coming seasons.

Wed 8 Oct; Store Vega; 20:00; 180kr