Government could raise the age of mandatory driving licence examination for seniors

October 6th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Older drivers to get five more years before they have to see the GP

Drivers are currently required to have a doctor’s examination in order to continue driving past the age of 70, but that looks likely to rise to 75. A bill will be submitted during the upcoming parliamentary session to raise the mandatory age limit.

Trine Bramsen, a spokesperson for Socialdemokraterne, said that older drivers pose no safety risk.

“Older people are far more vital today than they were in year’s past, so it just makes sense that we raise the age threshold,” Bramsen told DR Nyheder.

Older drivers safe
Other political leaders joined in the effort to raise the mandatory age and asked Sundhedstyrelsen, the national health board, to examine the risks of bumping up the age limit.

“We asked Sundhesstyrelsen to assess whether more elderly drivers would cause more accidents, and it turns out that there is no evidence that it will,” said Bramsen.


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