Greenlandic council in the capital lays down anti-corruption rules

Council employees may no longer accept gifts and large donations

Sermersooq, a large council in southeastern Greenland that includes the capital city of Nuuk, has adopted a new anti-corruption policy.

According to a statement from the council, the rules put into place over the weekend will prevent council employees from “accepting gifts from companies or individuals if the gift may be associated with the work of the employee or employment in the municipality”.

Council head Steffen Ulrich-Lynge said in the statement that he had not heard of any employees accepting gifts, but that the council was attempting to establish “clean lines in the area”. 

Small gifts okay
Council employees may still accept smaller gifts from business associates for what the statement called "special occasions". 

The new regulations also require that purchases over 10,000 kroner must be approved by the council's leadership.

“It is easy for habits to become ingrained in a large organisation, so we believe it is time that the executive board assesses whether the way we are now making our major purchases is appropriate,” said council finance director Lars Møller-Sørensen. 

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