Historic ship goes down in Funen

October 7th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Ketch sinks after being towed to harbour

One of Denmark's most legendary ships, Skibet, sank in the harbour in Spodsbjerg after experiencing engine trouble last night.

Skibet (the ship)  – which was Denmark's oldest ketch, dating back to 1880 – was returning to Danish shores from Kiel, Germany last night laden with moselle wine.

The ship ran into trouble in rough seas just after 2am off the island of Ærø. According to the Funen police, the ship's engine conked out after being exposed to water.

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SOA: Sunk On Arrival
The Funen-based ship was towed to Spodsbjerg Harbour on Langeland island by the defence's rescue services Forsvarets Operationscenter-Redningscentralen (FRC), but sank after it hit a breakwater at the harbour.

The police said there was a hole in the bottom of the ship caused by the collision in the habour. The ship's mast is protruding from the water and its Danish flag remains intact.

None of the ship's crew were injured in the incident.


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