Most thefts and burglaries under 100,000 kroner not investigated

Justice Minister police investigation ‘rule of thumb’

In answer to Dansk Folkeparti’s justice spokesperson, Peter Skarup, the justice minister, Karen Hækkerup, has confirmed that Copenhagen Police don’t investigate personal thefts and burglaries when the value of the stolen goods is less than 100,000 kroner, BT reports.

The statement comes following an internal report by Copenhagen Police during the summer and complaints from victims that their cases weren’t being investigated.

Difficult to investigate
Hækkerup explained that it is the difficulty involved in investigating the crimes that precludes many such cases.

“Copenhagen Police has noticed, for example, that it is often the case with thefts from parked cars and pickpocketing that it is not noticed until after a long period,” she explained.

“By the time it is registered in the police’s system, there are no longer leads to follow."

The minister emphasised, however, that this is a rule of thumb.

“It’s important to underline that we are talking about a guideline threshold and that all cases are looked at according to the background of an overall police assessment – regardless of the estimated value,” she told BT.