How about heading to the haunted house this Halloween?

Celebrating Halloween is not a one-day affair at Tivoli. Especially when it has so many activities to engage in. 
Over three weeks of festivities at the city centre themepark this year will appeal to visitors of all ages looking for things to do during children’s half term from Friday evening on October 10 to Sunday evening on October 19. 

During the daytime there are games and parades for the younger ones, while the evenings offer a scary program for the scream teens and bolder older. We defy anyone to visit Scary Hotel and not get goosebumps!

As is traditional every October, Tivoli is going to have a makeover so every nook and cranny has a Halloween touch. This includes nearly 20,000 pumpkins of all sizes and scarecrows peeking out of cobwebs everywhere. 

An endless procession of witch shows and parades will keep your kids entertained, and they can even dress up themselves to enter contests. 

Besides creativity with costumes, carving the merriest or scariest pumpkin will also require some inventiveness. 
Additionally, they can sing along with the Pumpkin Band, meet Petzi the bear, conquer the large straw bale maze and play the well-known game of ‘Trick or treat’, which has been expanded into a whole range of activities.   

And on top of all this, you can buy Halloween-inspired food and craftworks and spend all day long on the rides. Halloween has never been this eventful. 

Oct 10-Nov 2; Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; 99kr;