Minister: Denmark needs a new massive shipyard

50,000 martime industry jobs on the line

The minister of business and growth, Henrik Sass Larsen, has stated that Denmark is in need of a large shipyard to create jobs and fly the Danish flag in maritime technology.

Since the Lindø shipyard in Munkebo closed down in 2009, zero large ships have been constructed on Danish soil, but the minister said that a large shipyard is essential for the testing of new technology.

"I hope that the entire maritime industry can see that we need a strong new shipyard," Larsen told Børsen business newspaper.

"As soon as the industry approaches me with a convincing business case for a new shipyard, I pledge as much help as we can possibly muster from the government."

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Look to Norway
Larsen said that help would come in the form of re-establishing the many maritime education lines that have vanished from the universities and engineering schools in recent years. Business models that would allow the shipyards to offer customers affordable ships will also be looked into.

The minister argued that a large shipyard would help save the 50,000 jobs that are currently associated with the production of maritime equipment.

China and South Korea are the global leaders when it comes to ship building, but Nordic neighbours Norway are an inspiration having produced 60 new ships in the last seven years.