Consumers to be able to complain more … and pay more

October 10th, 2014

This article is more than 10 years old.

Consumer organsation called the change “devastating”

There is good and bad news for consumers who wish to complain about unsatisfactory service in Denmark. In future, consumers will have more complaint options, but they'll have to pay more to launch a complaints application.

The government has proposed 45 additional areas that consumers will be able to make official complaints about in the future, but they'll have to fork out a 1,200 kroner fee that they will lose should they lose the case.

“The government has proposed to considerably worsen a consumer complaints system that we have been very pleased with,” Vagn Jelsøe, the deputy head of the consumer organisation Forbrugerrådet Tænk, told Politiken newspaper. “The proposal will be simply devastating."

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Better for companies
Meanwhile, companies will get off lighter than they do today, only having to pay a 5,000 kroner fee for a lost case, compared to the 4,800 to 13,600 kroner liability they currently face paying.

The move comes after the EU decided earlier this year that its member states should offer more complaints options to its citizens from July 2015.

Among the new areas that citizens in Denmark will be able to complain about is window cleaning, fishmongers, boat dealerships, bakeries and interior architects.


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