All CIS is saying, is give peace a chance

The Copenhagen International School’s middle school celebrated Peace Day by having the entire day off, but that’s not to say they spent it in bed – like John Lennon for example. No, while their teachers were enjoying some peace, the 8th graders organised a whole day of activities for themselves and the 6th and 7th graders.


 Activities  included putting together a huge peace jigsaw puzzle. The school welcomed a keynote speaker Jakob Silas Lund from Play 31, an organisation based in Denmark that promotes peace through football matches in Sierra Leone and peace-making workshops.
“His example shows how just one person or a small group can make a true difference in the world,” enthused the organisers. “That is the whole point of this day and our study”.

The highlight of the day took some time to organise, but if at first you don’t succeed,
all you need is a little motivation to reach perfection

The students organised a peace march on the streets outside the school. It was time to dust off those CND badges (or borrow the one Dad had before he knew Mum and used to have long hair),
pick up a placard or two and put the whole world to rights – or at least sleepy Hellerup

The day also included lots of other activities, including the construction of origami cranes with peaceful messages,
messages on trees – a veritable tree of knowledge in the making – some impromptu dancing and lots of action in the classroom