No two days are alike at Carlsberg HQ

Jim Daniell tells us about his workplace

Describe a typical day at work
“Well, no two days are alike in the world of media, and that’s something I love about this job. But I’ll often be responding to questions from journalists; putting together content around the company’s activities; training and briefing executives for their media engagements; developing communications strategies; liaising with Carlsberg communicators around the world to keep them up to date with developments here at Group HQ and to ensure we all speak with one voice.”

How long have you worked for Carlsberg?
“At the time of sepeaking, just six weeks.”

What brought you to Denmark?
“Actually, my wife and her work. She’s also British and we moved here from our previous home in Brussels when she was offered a job at the European Environment Agency, which is based in Copenhagen.”

What other countries have you worked in?
“UK, Spain and Belgium.”

What’s the best thing about working in Denmark?
“I’ve cycled to and from work in every city I’ve lived in, and there’s no beating Copenhagen in that department. And yes, I have tried Amsterdam too.”

What’s something about Denmark that would surprise someone who hasn’t worked here?
“The ‘up-and-down’ hydraulic desks, of course. I was always intrigued on previous business travel to the Nordics to see people standing up at their desks. I can’t say I’ve quite got used to standing at my desk just yet, but it is supposed to be very good for your back.”

What’s the best thing about working for Carlsberg?
“Previously I worked for a company with 400,000 employees, so dare I say that Carlsberg Group, with ‘just’ 45,000, feels more homely. No, seriously, Carlsberg is a very open company – very Danish, I guess – so I have access to the company’s top management to facilitate my work and I think that this is an openness and accessibility that runs through the entire organisation.

I’ve also been impressed by the ability and professionalism of the employees here. There’s a great sense of teamwork and a ‘can-do’ attitude that makes me think Carlsberg will be achieving a lot over the coming years – so watch this space. 

Added to that, Carlsberg has well over 160 years of history and a heritage that couldn’t be more closely intertwined with the history of Copenhagen and Denmark as a whole, so there are fascinating stories to be told. And then, of course, we get preferential rates on some of the best beer brands in the world …”