Bornholmers hoping for lower ferry prices for Christmas

Increasing costs make fare reductions unlikely

The transport minister, Magnus Heunicke, today met Winni Grosbøll, the mayor of Bornholm, to discuss ferry services to the island of Bornholm and the possibility of lowering prices. 

After the meeting, the mayor seemed pleased by what the minster had to say.

“It is my impression that there is a great willingness to help Bornholm with our desire for cheaper ferry rates,” Grosbøll told TV2 Bornholm. 

Fuel costs going up
However, Heunicke did not seem to share Grosbøll’s optimism.

“We are faced with the challenge that oil prices have increased by up to 40 percent during the last contract period,” said the minister. 

“We certainly do not want to raise fares, and Bornholmers want lower fares, but that may be hard to pull off.”

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Heunicke said that the government would examine ways to make the service to Bornholm more efficient.

“We would like to have more departures during the peak seasons and anticipate the demand for cheaper tickets if they become available,” said Heunicke.