Amalienborg in desperate need of roof renovation

It would appear that something was rotten in the state of Denmark after all

Christian IX’s Palace – one of the four buildings making up the Royal Family’s winter residence, Amalienborg – needs a new roof, the construction trade publication Dagens Byggeri reports.

According to the Ministry of Culture, it has been confirmed that the roof, which was last renovated in 1937, is no longer keeping water out and that it has reached the end of its functioning life. Rot, fungus and rust damage have been found, resulting from water penetration.

Sweeping renovation
The culture minister, Marianne Jelved, has stated that a “sweeping renovation” is necessary, which will amount to 34.2 million kroner – 3.6 million kroner of which will be spent this year.

The projection does not take into account “unforeseen circumstances”, such as the discovery of rot in other parts of the building, which could result in a steeper bill than anticipated.

The project will include replacing the roof tiles, repairing the water damage and fireproofing the construction. While scaffolding is set up, the opportunity will also be used to paint the palace’s window frames.