Copenhagen once again green capital of the world

Mayor Frank Jensen calls the news “a pat on the back”

The Danish capital has for the second time in three years been ranked as the world’s most climate-friendly city, according to the most recent edition of the Global Green Economy Index (GGEI).

The GGEI, which is published by the international consultancy firm Dual Citizen, ranked Copenhagen ahead of Amsterdam, Stockholm, Vancouver and London.

“It’s a massive pat on the back,” Frank Jensen, the city mayor, told Børsen business newspaper.

“In Copenhagen we have a goal to be CO2 neutral by 2025 and that is a target that I hope and believe that many of my colleagues around the world will be inspired by.”

The GGEI (here in English) measured four central parameters – air quality, water and sea quality, agriculture sustainability, and private and public investment in green growth – in 60 nations and 70 cities.

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Room for improvement
Denmark ranked high as well, finishing top of the rankings for performance and fourth for perception, behind Germany, the US and China.

Denmark continues to maintain its leading position on the GGEI, both in terms of perception and performance,” the GGEI stated.

“A true green country brand, Denmark relentlessly communicates its commitment to green growth through a variety of strategies and tactics, and global practitioners continue to signal the positive impact of these efforts.”

The report did find, however, that the Danes could improve via greater environmental focus on fisheries and forests, improving its construction and transport sectors, and becoming more efficient.