Defence minister praises contribution of F-16 jets in fight against IS

Missions started on October 16 and have involved dropping bombs and gathering intelligence

As the Danish F-16 fighter jets were finally given the green light to take part in coalition missions against the Islamic State in Iraq, they received a visit from the defence minister, Nicolai Wammen, at their base in Kuwait.

Wammen visited the Danish Air Force contribution at its Ahmed Al Jaber base. It consists of four operational F-16 jets and three in reserve, along with a total of about 140 crew and support members.

“I am very proud of the efforts of our pilots and crew at the base,” Wammen said in a press release.

“It’s not an easy mission that our soldiers are taking part in, and it’s not without risk. But it is important that Denmark takes part in the fight against the horrific terror organisation IS so it cannot continue its brutal abuses of men, women and children unchecked.”

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Red tape gone
Wammen revealed that the Danish jets had flown several missions supporting troops on the ground, dropping bombs on IS targets and obtaining useful military intelligence.

After initially being delayed due to a parliament debate concerning treason, the Danish F-16 jets were approved on October 2 to take part in the ongoing struggle against IS, but found themselves grounded in Kuwait upon arrival on October 5 awaiting permission to use the Kuwait’s airspace.

That clearance was eventually granted on October 16 and the Danish jets have been taking part in coalition missions since then.