IKEA Denmark earns over 160 million kroner

Investment into improved services and availability pays off for the popular furniture store

IKEA Denmark has reported a profit of 161.4 million kroner for its 2013/14 financial year – a 32.6 percent jump from the 121.7 million kroner posted for the previous year.

The company recorded a 4 percent increase in revenue, earning 3,4 billion kroner over the 12 months ending 31 August 2014.

Investment into better service bears fruit
"Our long-term efforts to increase our availability and standards of service are beginning to bear fruit," IKEA Denmark president Dennis Balslev noted in a press release. 

A total of 10.7 million customers passed through the doors of IKEA over the 12 months, up from 10.4 million the year before.

More employees serving the customers
The number of employees wearing their classic blue-yellow shirts has also increased, jumping from 1,980 to 2,167. 

"We will continue investing in our stores, but our focus will be much more on improving skills and commitment of our employees to serve the customers," continued Balslev.