Denmark could get 2.4 billion kroner EU refund

Other countries in the red following recalculation

As a result of a recalculation of member states’ contributions to the EU, Denmark stands to receive a refund of up to 2.4 billion kroner as early as December 1.

The Financial Times reports that some other countries – such as the UK, the Netherlands and Italy – will have to pay significantly more than they have already done. The UK, for example, will be hit with an extra bill of 2.1 billion euros – the equivalent of 15.75 billion kroner.

Leaked documents
The Financial Times obtained leaked documents containing information on the balances of all of the member states following an accounting process in all of the member states that resulted in adjustments to the membership dues of each country.

The payments due from the individual member states are calculated according to their gross national product (GNP) and rate of VAT.

Berlingske Business reports that the president of the EU Commission, José Manuel Barosso, expressed surprise that the figures had been made public and was not willing to comment on them.