Zoo launches campaign about animals and climate change

Initiative coincides with environmental report

This afternoon, the climate, energy and building minister, Rasmus Helveg Pedersen, will open an exhibition at Copenhagen Zoo that will focus on how animals are affected by climate change.

“In a world with man-made climate change we have a tendency to focus on the human consequence,” Pedersen stated in a press release.

“But the changes in the world’s climate also mean changed conditions for the world’s animals, which will have a harder time in the future – and that also applies to species here in Denmark. With an exhibition on animals and climate change we get an insight into how extensive the consequences of a changed climate are for all living beings.”

Obvious opportunity
The exhibition coincides with the publication of a new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Steffan Stræde, the head of the zoo, saw this as a good opportunity to focus attention on the issue.

“At the zoo we work every day to tell our guests about the animals and the world around us,” he said.

“So the publication of the IPCC’s latest report was an obvious chance for us to tell even more about how climate change affects the world’s animal life.”