Ryanair making move to Copenhagen Airport

London, Milan and Warsaw among the destinations

SAS and Norwegian will be getting more competition in the near future after the low-budget airline Ryanair revealed in a press conference at the Hilton Hotel in Kastrup this morning that it will set up shop at Copenhagen Airport starting from March 26 next year.

Among other destinations, the Irish airline will offer flights to London, Milan and Warsaw as the Copenhagen hub becomes a high priority for the airline, according to David O'Brian, the commercial head of Ryanair.

"Ten more routes will be announced early next year, which will deliver over one million customers annually and support about 1,000 onsite jobs, as Ryanair invests 2.4 billion kroner in Copenhagen," O'Brian said in a press release.

The airline established operations in Billund Airport in 2012 but slashed its routes dramatically in August this year.

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Malmö operations closed
Ticket prices will start as low as 149 kroner, and while the airline will base four planes in Copenhagen Airport, a further ten are expected to arrive later on in 2015.

The news comes in the wake of the airline's decision to close down its operations in Sturup Airport outside of Malmö in Sweden. Copenhagen will become the airline's 70th city of operations.

Ryanair, which did not comment on whether it would enjoy any airport discounts in Copenhagen, flies 82 million passengers per year and is aiming to increase that to 115 million passengers by 2020.