German woman found living in the forest near Sønderborg

Farmer ends Bavarian woman’s four-week ordeal

A 42-year-old woman from Bavaria in Germany has been found living in a forest near Sønderborg in Jutland. She had apparently been living in the forest for four weeks

A farmer contacted police after he spotted the obviously emaciated and exhausted woman on Monday. 

A month in the woods
According to the Flensborg Avis, the woman told police she had been living in the forest for “a long time”.

Police said that the woman’s ordeal had left her very weak. They determined she was German and contacted German police. 

German authorities confirmed that a 42-year-old woman from Bavaria had been reported missing. 

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The woman was admitted to hospital in Flensborg to be treated  for the injuries and exhaustion suffered during her stay in the forest before she returns home to Bavaria.