Massive investment into new science district in Nørrebro

A growth centre in health, science and education will be built in the city district by 2018

Copenhagen Science City, a new district devoted to health and science research and education, will open in Nørrebro by 2018, Berlingske reports.

The joint project involving the University of Copenhagen, Metropolitan University College, Rigshospitalet and the City of Copenhagen is expected to attract international students and researchers as well as local businesses.

Massive investments
After four years of planning, the main stakeholders have decided to invest six billion kroner into new buildings and infrastructure to tie the area together.

Already now, the former Science City North Campus serves as a hub for research and applied science within the fields of pharmacology, health sciences and natural sciences. 

Some 30,000 students and employees pass through and use it on a daily basis.

Creating international science hub
"We are in the process of building an international knowledge hub in health and life science, clean tech and communication technology, where Danish researchers have already been strongly recognised," Thomas Bjørn Holm, a chairman of the Copenhagen Science City who is a prorector at the University of Copenhagen, told the newspaper.

"Now we really have to transpose this knowledge into jobs in Denmark and create a huge entrepreneurial environment around the university."

Copenhagen Science City extends from Haraldsgade in outer Nørrebro across the university park passing the Bio Science Park COBIS, Rigshospitalet and the Panum Institute in inner Nørrebro.