Danish companies battling for CSR prize

Business and social responsibility should go hand-in-hand, believes the minister for trade and development

Three Danish companies with production in Asia are competing for a new CSR Abroad prize in Holstebro today.

The minister for trade and development, Mogens Jensen, will award a company that has made ​​an extraordinary effort to promote social responsibility in developing and emerging countries. 

The three short-listed companies are Danfoss Industries, LM Wind Power and ScanCom International.

Good business and CSR go hand in hand
While Danfoss Industries and LM Wind Power are operating in India, ScanCom International runs a production in Vietnam.

In total, 26 companies were nominated for the competition. 

"All three companies highly deserve to win the prize for their work towards sustainability, responsible supply chain management, co-operation with trade unions and focus on human rights," commented Jensen in a press release.

An independent jury composed of experts will grant the prize to a company that has proven that good business, strategic CSR and compliance with international standards of social, environmental and economic development can go hand-in-hand. 

Extra challenges in developing countries
According to Jensen, Danish companies are already good at social responsibility in Denmark but face new social and environmental challenges while working in developing countries.

"Therefore, I have recently launched a six-point plan for CSR, which includes the new CSR Abroad prize and also supports a number of initiatives that promote Danish companies' CSR efforts in emerging and developing countries by 60 million kroner," Jensen explained.

CSR in developing countries and emerging markets ensures both responsible labour and environmental conditions, contributes to combating corruption and the involvement of local communities.