Defence: Russia not a threat to Denmark

But terrorism and cyber crime is

Russia might be flexing its military muscles in the Baltic region these days, but the nation is not a threat to Denmark, according to a new report from the Defence intelligence agency FE.

FE evaluated that Russia has no interest in an open military confrontation with NATO, and the increased training exercises in the Baltic area indicate that the Russians are merely undergoing a general modernisation of its forces aimed at protecting its own interests.

”They send a message to NATO that they are active, have a capacity and are willing to act,” Thomas Ahrenkiel, the head of FE, told DR Nyheder.

”There's nothing new in that and it's something we have noticed since 2007 and which has since increased slightly during recent years.”

But FE also contended that the crisis in Ukraine could end in a European conflict as Russia tries to maintain its position of influence over Ukraine.

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Terrorists and hackers
Russia may not present a threat to Denmark, but terrorism certainly still does, according to the FE report – particularly militant Islamists from the Middle East, Afghanistan and parts of Africa.

The threat of terror against Denmark, the West and Western targets in conflict zones are considered ”serious” by FE, and the return home of Jihadist fighters in Syria and Iraq will give them a more direct access to Denmark and the West.

Finally, Danish authorities and companies still face the increasing threat of espionage via the internet from state-sponsored hackers and other cyber criminals and hacker activists.