Good news for DSB: IC4 trains able to link up again starting next month

Twenty trains will be available to link come December and braking problems rectified

The IC4 trains moved a step closer to normal operations as DSB confirmed 20 train-sets will be able to link up at stations starting 15 December.

In June, connected trains were removed from operations as it was found the software used to link-up train sets was faulty. The fault occasionally prohibited the trains from connecting properly to the onboard systems when linked-up.

“Problems arose if a train went offline whilst trying to brake,” said Steen Schougaard Christensen, the head of DSB Maintenance, to Ingeniø

“This prevented contact to the braking computer, but the train would still be braking.”

New software not enough
An update to the software called Multipel 3+ aims to rectify the connectivity issue, and will enable the link-up of up to three trains once the Danish Transport Authority (DTA) approves. The approval process usually takes three weeks.

Unfortunately for DSB, the updated software alone will not solve the issue. The connection mechanism’s susceptibility to moisture meant all trains needed new connectors, hence the December 15 date.

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Full speed ahead
DSB are set to receive further good news tomorrow, November 4, as the organisation expects a positive report from DTA in response to braking tests conducted on slippery tracks. The findings will enable IC4 trains to increase their speed from 140 km/h to 169 km/h during the leaf-fall period, which concludes at the end of this month.

“All our tests have shown that the train meets the newest breaking standards and there is nothing to suggest we shouldn’t receive a spotless report,” commented Steen Schougaard Christensen