Most highly-skilled expats happy working in Denmark

But developing a network outside of work is still an issue

The vast majority – about 85 percent – of highly-skilled foreigners working for Danish companies in Denmark are pleased to be living and working here, according to new analysis.

According to the report, which Oxford Research will publish today at the business conference Erhvervsforum, the highly-skilled expats regard the companies they work for as being helpful. They also praise the Danish authorities for sorting out their paperwork.

"I am pleased that our foreign co-workers are generally thriving in their Danish jobs, but we can still improve,” Henrik Dam Kristensen, the employment minister, said in a press release.

”The government is improving the attraction and retention of foreign labour via the international recruitment reform. The companies are given funds for initiatives for employees and their families, while communication with the authorities and dialogue with the business sector have both been strengthened.”

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Attractive working culture
The analysis, which is based on the answers of 1,800 highly-qualified foreign workers in Denmark, showed that almost three out of every four expats were very pleased with how they were received and the service they receive from the Danish authorities.

Many of the expats were also happy with the help they received from the companies that they work for, while a large portion also believe they are professionally challenged in Denmark and find the Danish working culture attractive.

But it wasn't all rosy. Among expats working at medium-sized companies, many contended they need more help to establish a social network outside work.