SAS to test biofuel

The Scandinavian airline will use a mixture of jet fuel and recycled cooking oil on a domestic flight in Norway

SAS will use American cooking oil that has already been used to fry food as an alternative fuel on a test-flight this month.   .

Working in collaboration with the environmental movement Zero, the airline along with its competitor Norwegian will operate two test-flights on domestic routes in Norway using the alternative fuel.

"We will carry out the tests during the afternoon on November 11," Kåre Gunnar Fløystad from Zero told the Bergen Times.

"A SAS plane will fly from Trondheim to Oslo, while Norwegian will fly from Bergen to Oslo."

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SAS aiming to use wholly renewable energy source
The planes' fuel tanks will be filled with a concoction made up of conventional fuel (45 percent) and recycled cooking oil from the US that was used to fry food (55 percent).

Alternative fuels have long been used in aviation tests, SAS included, but this is the first time they have been tested in Norway, and the expectations are high.

SAS has previously stated it wants to be one of the first international airlines to fill its tanks with renewable energy sources.