Islamic youth centre urges boycott of LGBT fundraiser

Homosexuality “sinful and unnatural” says organisation

An Islamic youth centre in Aarhus has urged its members and other Muslims to not participate in a fundraiser for LGBT rights in Kenya.

Muslimsk Ungdoms Center (MUC), which consists of 20-30 members and is based at a mosque in Grimhøj, issued a plea via Facebook to boycott the nationwide initiative, Operation Dagsværk (OD), which will involve schools across Denmark on November 5.

“Homosexuality is an unnatural act and a sin in God’s eyes, and as such, it is prohibited for all Muslims,” the organisation wrote on Facebook, where it has 3,500 followers.

“Muslims must not support projects that promote homosexuality financially, verbally or with actions.”

"It's all about love!" say organisers
OD has already responded to the opposition to its plans.

“It is really disappointing to lose support in this way," Anna Lundbak, who is one of the OD campaign leaders, told Jyllands-Posten.

"This is not a religious project, it’s all about love!”

Not the first time
MUC is no stranger to opposing OD. During another OD fundraiser in 2012 – this time to raise proceeds to improve conditions in Iraq – MUC commented via social media: “Donating money towards democracy is the same as supporting a war against Allah.”

Several Danish jihadists who have left to fight in Syria have ties with the Grimhøj Mosque and the MUC.

However, despite the strong rhetoric, MUC denies being homophobic or against fundraising in general.