Union battle pushing trucking giant to outsource

3F after Kim Johansen for social dumping issues

One of Denmark's biggest trucking companies, Kim Johansen International Transport, has decided to move large parts of his business abroad after battling the union 3F for a decade.

3F has been pestering Johansen for years because his company hires Romanian drivers via his Lithuanian subsidiary company to drive the company's Danish-based trucks.

”The consequences are that my trucks no longer generate profits for the Danish company,” Johansen told Børsen business newspaper.

”So in the future, revenue will be recorded in the foreign subsidiary companies, and it is also the start of the process in which more and more of the company will be moved abroad.”

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Union unconcerned
3F, on the other hand, contends that Johansen's move abroad won't be a major loss for Denmark.

Jan Villadsen, a spokesperson for the union's transport department, 3F Transport, argues that unions in whatever nation he moves to will quickly set their sights on Johansen's company in terms of wage-agreements.

”He uses Romanian and Bulgarian wages for work that will be done in northern and western Europe,” Villadsen told Børsen.