Minister gives extra millions to Danish agriculture

Struggling farmers given helping hand

Denmark's farmers can look forward to extra funds to invest in modern stables that are not only better for the environment, but also contribute to better animal welfare.

Dan Jørgensen, the food and agriculture minister, has set aside a further 148 million kroner to the environmental technology pool Miljøteknologipulje, which grants farmers funds for environmentally-friendly stables if the farmers invest money themselves. The initiative will benefit pig farmers, in particular.

”The pig producers are struggling at the moment because of the crisis in Russia and need an extraordinary helping hand during this extraordinary situation,” Jørgensen said in a press release.

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For a sustainable future
Some 200 million kroner had been allocated the Miljøteknologipulje this autumn, but 500-million-kroner-worth of applications had been submitted so Jørgensen decided to set aside extra funds to the investment of environmental technology for the moment.

”It's great to see so many applications from farmers who are so keen to invest in a green and sustainable future. It shows a fantastic belief in the future and I want to reward that,” Jørgensen said.

The extra 148 million kroner means that the total amount in the Miljøteknologipulje is now up to 348 million kroner, which is expected to generate investments in the industry worth about two billion kroner.