Parliament lifts curtain on new film agreement

An extra 70 million kroner set aside

The culture minister, Marianne Jelved, has revealed that parliament has signed off on a new agreement for the Danish film industry.

The agreement will free up funds to enable the film industry to produce more films, while it will be easier for young talents to find their way in the industry.

”I am pleased that all of parliament's parties have agreed that Danish film should continue producing good stories,” Jelved said in a press release.

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A better business model
The agreement – which will run from 2015-2018 – will also double the support for computer game development. A new gaming office will be established that will focus on creating an innovative and evolving gaming environment.

”Danish film is under financial stress at the moment, so we have set aside an extra 70 million kroner over the next four years and have sent a clear signal to the film industry that they need to find new business models that fit the digital development," Jelved said.