Government hooks sustainable fishing agreement

1.3 billion kroner to help industry transition

A majority in parliament has agreed to give the Danish fishing industry a boost while aiding the development of sustainable fishing.

The 1.3 billion kroner agreement will be in effect from 2014-2017 and the money will primarily come from the EU Maritime and Fishery Fund.

”Denmark needs more life in its harbours and more sustainable fish in its nets,” Dan Jørgensen, the food and agriculture minister, said in a press release.

"So I am very pleased that we have succeeded in landing a broad agreement that helps the fishermen and our environment. The agreement sets the framework for growth, jobs and life in the water and the harbours, while we also take care of the fish populations and water milieu.”

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EU discard bans
The money will go towards developing and investing in selective fishing equipment that limits the detrimental effect of fishing on the seabed. It will help the fishing industry handle the new EU discard bans that come into effect in 2015, which will require fisherman to bring their entire catch back to land.

Jørgensen said that money will also be set aside to increase the value of the fishermen’s catches and to increase the number of outlet areas that will allow the fishermen to get more income for their goods.

As part of the agreement, funds will be earmarked for the establishment of local fishery groups who will contribute to the growth and employment in the outer areas of Denmark.