Liberal Alliance employment spokesperson compares SF policies to Nazism

Debate over wages for foreign workers gets heated

A debate last night among politicians over benefits and wages offered to foreign workers led to Liberal Alliance (LA) employment spokesman Joachim Olsen comparing the policies of government coalition partner Socialistisk Folkeparti (SF) to Nazism.

Both SF and trade union 3F want to guarantee that foreign workers are treated the same as Danish workers. 

However, Olsen said the proposal was a form of “national socialism".

In response, SF spokesperson Pia Olsen Dyhr told DR Nyheder: “That is totally over the line."

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No limits
“This isn't overstating the matter,” Olsen retorted.

"What they are proposing is a form of national socialism. We must protect ourselves from competition internally, and outside workers should be kept away.”

Dyhr said that LA is simply wrong for not wanting to ensure decent working conditions for foreign workers

“We are very concerned about the conditions these people live under,” she said. “They should have decent wages and working conditions.”