Routine traffic stop goes very wrong

Fleeing motorist smashes into house

A 27-year-old man driving a car with stolen licence plates fled from Funen Police yesterday evening rather than stop for a routine check. His escape attempt was foiled by a house.

“The driver tried to escape from officers who attempted to stop him for a routine control,” Mie Brøchner, a spokesperson for Funen Police, told DR Nyheder. 

Safe as houses
Officers on the scene noted that the car was fitted with stolen licence plates and gave chase.

“The chase started to get out of hand, so we pulled back and decided instead to search the area for the car,” said Brøchner.

“They found the car driven into the side of a house a short time later.”

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Neither the driver nor his female companion were significantly injured in the crash. The driver was held over for questioning.