A civilised country, or so we were led to believe

November 10th, 2014

This article is more than 10 years old.

CPH: DOX review of

'Operation Green Desert' was carried out during November 2004. British and Danish Forces operating in the southern area of Basra were ordered to investigate Iraqi intelligence reports of terrorist activity. 

Years later, eleven Iraqi civilians engage a human rights lawyer in Denmark, claiming they were tortured in the presence of the Danish military. The Danish Military High Command denied the allegations.

A Civilised Country would be equally at home on a television screen. There is no sensationalism in the form – and the film is all the better for this.

It is a sober, no-frills, analytical investigation of what took place in that small Iraqi town a decade ago and the repercussions here in Denmark, which are still ongoing.


A Civilised Country


Dir: Nanna Frank Møller; Next showing 10/11 in Park Bio at 21:30 and 12/11 in Empire Bio at 14:30



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