CPH:Dox _ review of American Interior

Gruff Rys, the Welsh singer-songwriter and frontman of the Super Furry Animals has, with director Dylan Goch, made an irreverent film about his quest to trace the footsteps of a fellow countryman – and distant ancestor – John Evans. 

Evans, as it turns out, was a remarkable man who journeyed to the New World in 1792 and, amongst other things, negotiated with the British, the Spanish and the indigenous tribes while drawing the first maps of the Mississippi River. His real mission, however, was to find a fabled tribe of Welsh-speaking American natives.

As bonkers as it is informative, American Interior is genuinely funny, and Gruff, aided by John Evans in muppet form, proves a charming, if ostensibly daffy host. The film, although perilously slight for its running time, is engaging enough – especially for fans of Rhys and his music.

American Interior


Dir: Dylan Goch & Gruff Rys; Next showing 12/11 in Dagmar at 21.30 (with Producer)