Bornholm ferry gets floating border shop

Bargain-seeking customers can shop ’til they drop at sea

Færgen, the company that operates the ferry between Ystad in Sweden and Rønne on Bornholm, has established a border shop on the ferry in an attempt to lure more bargain-hunting southern Swedes onto both the ship and the island. 

Passengers can now buy spirits, beer, wine, confectionery and Bornholm specialties at low 'border’ prices. 

The previous onboard shop has received a complete facelift and now offers the types of products found in other border shops. 

No need to stay over
Customers have access to the shop, even if they do not intend on staying on Bornholm. Shoppers can purchase a special ticket for 80 kroner, which allows them to take their car onto the ferry, shop, and then immediately make the return trip. The whole process takes about three hours. 

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Throughout November and December, a day-pass allowing for shopping time and a full day on Bornholm is available for 200 kroner.

“The border shop is particularly aimed at Swedes who want access to inexpensive and easily accessible cross-border shopping without having to spend many hours in the car to get there,” said Lindy Kjøller, the sales and marketing head at Færgen.

Just in time for Christmas
The ferry border shop hopes that the short travel times from around southern Sweden and the low price of the travel tickets will entice bargain-conscious consumers. 

The shop is open for business and counting on the upcoming holiday season to bring in its first wave of customers.