Danes looking to export more food to Asia

Dan Jørgensen improving bonds with China and South Korea

The Russian embargo of certain goods from the EU and the West has forced Denmark to look elsewhere when it comes to unloading food product exports.

The food and agriculture minister Dan Jørgensen is in South Korea and China this week to improve political and business relations with the two nations and he is accompanied by a business delegation from the agriculture and food product association Landbrug og Fødevarer and industrial advocates Dansk Industri.

”The Russian embargo has clearly shown how important it is for us to strengthen our efforts on new markets,” Jørgensen said in a press release.

”Fortunately, the Chinese are aware of the high quality and security of Danish food products and in South Korea there is a demand for Danish ingredients and pork. But we still need to work hard to find more buyers.”

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Massive potential
Danish export of food products to South Korea was at 677 million kroner in 2013, which is 17 percent of Denmark's total export to the country.

In China (Hong Kong included), the Danes exported food products for 17.6 billion kroner last year, which is a tripling since 2009 and makes China one of Denmark’s core export markets for food products.

In related news, Denmark and South Korea have signed two agreements with South Korea concerning co-operation and knowledge exchange about animal welfare and ecology.

”South Korea has a strong and purchase-potent middle class who are greatly interested in ecology and animal welfare. Denmark can deliver on both points,” Jørgensen said.