Open air museum in Aarhus set to expand following 135 million kroner donation

Den Gamle By will get its very own modern quarter thanks to the AP Møller Foundation

Open air museum Den Gamle By in Aarhus will construct a quarter resembling life in 2014 using donated money from the AP Møller Foundation. 

The 135 million kroner sum will enable the museum to expand its Moderne By district, which began with the construction of a 1974 quarter in 2007.

When the new quarter opens in 2020, visitors will be able to journey through time from the 16th century to the 21st.

"This is fantastic. Den Moderne By will appear in its entirety," museum director Thomas Bloch Ravn told DR.

"It is going to be very exciting to construct a 2014 quarter, since it will establish a time bridge for the young and future generations for many years to come." 

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Well received
Stage one of the museum's modern district opened last year following the completion of the 1974 quarter. It has been well received with more than 700,000 visitors in its first year. There is also a 1927 quarter.

"We greatly appreciate the positive feedback received from visitors and industry officials in regards to stage one of Den Moderne By," said the chairman of the AP Møller Foundation,  Ane MM Uggla.

The donated money will be used to construct a new block, harbour environment and a facade facing out towards Aarhus. 

When completed, visitors to Den Moderne By will be able to visit shops, residential areas and other urban environments from each time period.